How to shop safely and securely online

How to shop safely and securely online

Online shopping has made it easier, better and more convenient for you to purchase goods and services. Despite these advantages, online shopping has some risks. There have been numerous complaints from a lot of people regarding online fraud. Judging from the numerous online shopping sites, it may be a bit challenging for you to judge which is genuine. To help you out, here are some tips that will help you shop safely.

1. Stick to Reputable Brands

Don’t just purchase a product from any site. It’s advisable that you stick to popular brands that have established a good reputation for themselves. Additionally, nearly all reputable brands have established security systems that ensure your money and information is safe.
Nevertheless, always be keen because some con artists may design “professional” looking websites that might dupe you into trusting them. If it’s your first time shopping from a particular website, do in-depth research about them.

2. Trust Websites with the “https” or the Padlock Symbol

How to shop safely and securely onlineThe above are two signs that indicate a website is secure. If you notice that a website is missing the “s” or the padlock symbol then refrain from purchasing from them. An ideal online shopping site should ensure that its client’s information is secure and free from fraudsters.

3. Check Out for 3rd Party Seals of Approval

Due to the increase in the number of online fraud, there are some third party organizations that have risen up to protect consumers from online theft. These organizations do give seals to websites that have met the required security standards. Always check for these 3rd party seals before purchasing anything. Examples of 3rd party organizations include the Better Business Bureau and Truste.

4. Read Online Reviews

Most people rely on online reviews for gaging the best products on the market. However, these online reviews can help you identify secure online shopping sites. If a site has a lot of negative reviews and words like “scam” or “rip-off” are being thrown around, then its best you keep off.

How to shop safely and securely online

5. Use Credit Cards and Secure Payment Services

The advantage of credit cards is that they are more secure than debit cards. It’s because the credit card isn’t linked to your other funds. Therefore, in case your information falls into the wrong hands, you can be assured your money will be safe.
You should also make sure that you use secure payment services. For instance, PayPal is an excellent payment service provider. Due to the fact they act like the middlemen, your payment details will always remain disclosed.

6. Keep Off if the Offer is too Good to be True

When it comes to online shopping, if a deal is too good then you need to think twice. Most con artists usually use unbelievable offers to lure innocent shoppers. Always do your research first before jumping onto an offer no matter how tempting it may be.
The above are six tips that will ensure you shop safely online. As great as online shopping is, always stay vigilant and cautious. Avoid public Wi-Fi’s because they are unsecured. It’s best if you use your mobile phone network when shopping online.