What You Need to Know About In-Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping

Thanks to the recent advancements in technology over the past few years, there has been witnessed an online shopping craze. However, despite the surge in the number of online shops, physical stores are still operating and thriving. Lovers of shopping are spoilt for choice as to which is the best method to get their desired items – online from the comfort of your home or by taking a trip down to the local store? The answer to this enigma is that there isn’t anyone best way; whether you shop online or in-store, each means has its own merits and demerits. The final choice rests with you and depends on your preferences. Read on to find out which shopping method best works for you based on different factors.


If you’re looking for the most convenient shopping experience, then shopping at an online store trumps in-store shopping hands down. Foremost, unlike physical stores which close down after working hours, online shops operate 24/7 thanks to the internet meaning you get to shop even at odd hours. Moreover, when buying online, you have access to a broader range of product brands and companies compared to at a physical store. Online shopping also saves you the hassle of leaving your house, waiting in line and perusing through different goods by shipping the items right to your doorstep.


What You Need to Know About In-Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping

Personalized Experience

In-store shopping offers a more personalized customer experience since customers get to have a face to face interaction with shopping assistants who can provide answers to all their queries. Online shopping has also tried to provide its customers with a personalized experience; through use of call centers, email and live chats. However, these options still come second to speaking with a store assistant in person. Most customers prefer to hear the message straight from the horse’s mouth when they’re present with them.

Price Comparability Options

What You Need to Know About In-Store Shopping vs. Online ShoppingPricing is one of the main factors that affect a buyer’s decision. Customers usually compare prices of similar items before making a purchase. Online shops offer a more reliable and convenient means for clients to compare prices as they have a wide selection of products and different manufacturers to compare and choose from. Moreover, all the analysis can be done on your laptop without you having to set foot in any store. On the other hand, in-store shopping makes it less convenient to compare prices as you’ll be forced to hop from one store to another to carry out comparisons which can be not only time-consuming but also tiresome.

Pre – Trials of Items Before Purchase

Sometimes, you just want to try out the items you’re eyeing before you buy them. Take for instance when shopping for clothes. Some customers prefer to try on the clothing items to see if they’re a perfect fit. Same goes for purchasing a car or an electronic. Most clients would rather that they see the product and try it out in person first to be sure they’re buying the right thing. Shopping at a physical store makes this possible, and you can try out and test the items you wish to purchase beforehand as many times as possible. Shopping online does not allow you the luxury to try out items before you make your purchase and you might have to return the items bought in case there’s a defect, or you might even incur costly ship back expenses. Also, if you get a refund, it might take weeks before the money is refunded to you.

Bottom line – when it comes to shopping either at a physical store or online, the best option boils down to what you prefer. It is also important to know beforehand what you’re looking for and to stick to your budget. If you opt to go shopping online, make sure to read the product reviews, compare the prices and make further inquiries via chat.

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